Battery for RC Car 7.4V / 1100mAh

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Spare batteries will extend the time you can drive the RC car. They will allow you more fun and more time to practice. This LiPo battery is the WLToys original of 1:18 RC cars A959 family. The battery has a nominal voltage of 7.4V (2S type) and maximal of 8.4V. Its capacity is 1100mA. Maximal charge current is 1A, and it can deliver up to 25A. See down into this page more technical details.


LiPo Battery Maintenance

LiPo battery basic cell has a nominal output voltage of 3.7V. Cell voltage variate from 4.2V when fully charged to 3V when discharged. An extreme discharge under 3V damages the battery. LiPo packs have some basic cells connected one to the other. A 2S pack will have two basic cells. The nominal voltage will be 2 x 3.7V = 7.4V. The maximal voltage will be 8.4V.

The battery capacity refers to the energy stocked inside. It is the number indicated on mAh.

Charging LiPo batteries requires a specialized charger device. Other battery type chargers are not usable.

LiPo internal substances are flammable in contact with air. Therefore, the factory sealed the battery and, no air gets inside. But it is indicated to storage and charge it into a fire-proof bag. When used and charge, the battery becomes warm. It is normal. If it becomes boiling, probably the battery is damaged. Please consult someone with experience to decide what you have to do.

Do not leave the batteries unattended while charging! Don’t charge the LiPo batteries overnight! Don’t leave children under 16 years old to use them alone!


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