Chobby – Terms and Conditions


1. General

1.1. The website (from now on: “the Site”) operated by Chobby (from now on: ” Chobby ” or “the Company”) is a site devoted to enthusiasts of RC cars, planes, helicopters, quadcopters, and boats. It also serves as a sales site for products imported and marketed by the Company: RC cars, planes, helicopters, quadcopters, boats, accessories, spare parts and similar products (from now on: “the Product” and or the “Products”).

1.2. The browsing of the Site, the purchase of the Products and any use of any content and service of any kind offered and, or displayed therein are subject to these Terms and Conditions and the provisions of any law.

1.3. The purchase of the product on the site constitutes a declaration by the customer that he has read, understood, and agreed to the provisions of these regulations. These Terms and Conditions are considered to be a contract between the user and, or the customer and the Company.

1.4. The provisions of these regulations are in the masculine form for convenience only. The regulations apply to both sexes equally.

1.5. The Company and the Site reserve the right to change these regulations from time to time, at their sole discretion, without the need to give any notice and, or prior notice. The date of application of the change shall be the date of publication of the revised version of the regulations on the website. Any action performed on the site after the said publication shall be subject to the updated regulations.

1.6. By subscribing to the Website, the customer or user agrees to receive email and, or SMS messages from the Company and, or from the Site, including promotions, site updates, newsletters, advertisements, and marketing content.

1.7. The Site may update the prices of the Products on the Site from time to time and without prior notice. The valid price concerning one specific order is the price that was published when the order process was completed (including the delivery of credit card details). If the price of the product updates before the competition of that product order,  the charge of the order will be following the updated prices.

1.8. The products purchased on the site are supplied to customers only within the State of Israel. No service is provided to the Palestinian Authority territories.


2. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms will have the following meanings:

2.1. “Customer” or “user” – any person who uses and, or surfs the site and, or purchases products on the site via computer and, or other means, including cellular communications.

2.2. “Content” – information of any kind found on the Site, including (but not limited to) articles, texts, verbal, visual content, design (including site design and website display), graphic language, videos, materials, data, sound files, graphic files, other types of files, links, computer code, application, and any other information appearing or displayed on the Site, whether owned by the Company or owned by a third party granting the Company the right to use it.

2.3. “Personal Information” – the details of the users uploaded and transmitted by them to the Site, including names, telephone numbers, address, email, credit card number and any other personal details or data relevant to the site’s activity.

2.4. “Registered user” – a user who signs up for the site and receives a username and password from the site. For registration, various details that the site requests must be submitted. Registered users can post responses to contents, articles, and products appearing on the site. Registered users are also entitled to additional benefits such as access to forums on the site, participation in campaigns, and more. The site may cancel the registration of a user at the site at any time and without  explaning and, or prior notice.


3. Purchase

3.1. The site enables customers pleasant, easy, and safe buy of products.

3.2. The products can be purchased at any time until the stock end.

3.3. The purchase on the website is via credit cards and PayPal only. The transaction will be done after approval by the credit card company and, or PayPal.

3.4. The product price on the site includes VAT.

3.5. The prices of the products on the Site does not include shipping charges.

3.6. The Site and the Company reserve the right to stop the marketing and sale of a particular product or products at any time and to deny the right to purchase on the Site at its discretion.

3.7. The purchase on the Site is allowed to registered and unregistered users.

3.8. For a purchase on Site, the following details are required: ID, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Address, Email, and Payment Methods.

3.9. A customer’s order will be approved and executed only after all of the following conditions have been met:

3.9.1. Approval is given to execute the transaction from the credit card company and, or PayPal;

3.9.2. The ordered products are available in stock;

3.9.3. The address to which the products are requested is on the list of distribution areas;

3.9.4. The purchaser is an Israeli resident who is over 18 years of age and is not legally incompetent.

3.10. Once all of the conditions in Section 3.9 above have been fulfilled, the Company’s will send a confirmation message to the customer’s email address. This message will inform that order has been received, the products are in preparation and that after completion of the preparation of the products they will be sent to the address entered in the order form.

3.11.No later than five business days from the date of execution and confirmation of the order, the order preparation will be completed, and the product will be passed to Israeli Postal Service for delivery. When the order is complete, an email will be sent to the customer’s email.

3.12. We at Chobby ensure that the inventory displayed on the Site is in the company’s warehouses. If an ordered product is not in stock, we will contact the customer and offer similar products. If the customer decides not to purchase another product and, or wait for the ordered item to be once again available on stock, the transaction will be canceled, and the payment will be fully returned to the customer.


4. Deliveries, Collection and Delivery Times

4.1. The products purchased on the Site can be obtained in any of the following ways:

4.1.1 Self-collection – from the post office at the Kfar Ganim mall, Petah Tikva

4.1.2. Israel Post Courier Service – Expected arrival to the home after three business days from the moment the order is passed to Israeli Postal Office for delivery. The cost of this shipment is 50 NIS. A courier from Israel Post Service will do the delivery of the order. The locations where this shipping method is available are listed on the website on the “Shipping Options” page.

4.1.3. “Registered mail” – delivery to a post office, expected arrival within 14 business days from the moment the order is passed to Israeli Postal Office for delivery. The cost of this shipment is 20 NIS.

4.1.4″Mail 24″ – suitable for small products only. The cost of this shipment is 10 NIS. Delivery is estimated to be done within 24-48 hours from the moment the order is passed to Israeli Postal Office for delivery. Delivery will be direct to the customer’s mailbox. Mail delivery can only be used for items weighing less than 500 grams, entering an air bubble envelope and priced at no more than 50 NIS.

4.2. It should be noted that the modes of shipment listed above are services provided and operated by the Israel Postal Company. The Site and, or the Company have no control over the manner and performance of the shipments. Accurate and complete details about the type and characteristics of the shipment, including date of arrival, place of collection, shipping cost, the possibility of tracking the shipment, etc., can be obtained from Israel Post Service. The details published by the Site in the “Shipping Options” page are considered as a service for the convenience of the Site’s Customer and Users, but they do not obligate Chobby. The complete and most accurate data are available on the Israel Post Service website.


5.Change or cancel the transactions and return products

5.1. If a customer wishes to change or cancel a transaction, he must contact Chobby Customer Service as soon as possible at email:

5.2. The customer may cancel or change a transaction only in the following situations:

 5.2.1. The transaction may be canceled and, or changed without additional cost and, or cancellation fees if the customer informs Chobby’s Customer Service of his request before the product is passed to Israeli Postal Office for delivery.

 5.2.2. After the customer has received or collected the product or products, he will be allowed to cancel and, or change the transaction, without cancellation fees, within 14 days from receiving, or collect the products. The products have to be unopened and undamaged and in their original packaging. In this case, products’ delivery back to Chobby will be done at the client’s expense. The products must be sent by the customer using a registered mail to Chobby, P.O.B. 8270 Petach Tikva. After the products will be received and checked by Chobby for their integrity, the customer will be refunded with the amount he paid for the products only. No refunds will be done for initial shipment of the products.

 5.2.3. If the product provided is defective and, or broken, contact the customer service of the Site immediately and without delay, to clarify the situation. After it becomes clear for Chobby that the product provided is defective, the customer may: Return the defective product and receive instead a good one. In this case, the defective product must be returned to Chobby by registered mail. After the defective product arrives at Chobby, to the customer will be delivered a new product. Also, the customer will receive back the cost of the defective product shipping after sending by email a photo of the shipping invoice. Cancellation of the transaction without cancellation fees: In this case, the defective product must be returned to Chobby by registered mail. After the defective product arrives at Chobby, the cost paid for the product (according to the purchase invoice) will be refunded to the customer. Also, the customer will receive back the cost of the defective product shipping after sending by email a photo of the shipping invoice. In both these cases, the customer first must send the defective product back to Chobby at P.O.B. 8270 Petach Tikva.

5.3 Changing a transaction or order after its execution and after being approved to the customer by the website is possible only subject to the approval of the Site. The approval is needed, among other reasons, to the existence of products in stock and the ability to provide optimal service. If the Company did not approve the change in the transaction requested by the customer, the customer would be entitled to cancel the transaction by the provisions of section 5.2 above.

5.4. The Site and, or the Company may, at their sole discretion, to cancel an order for any reason without prior explanation or notice, even if the user has already received an email confirming the purchase. The Client shall have no claim and, or demand against the Site and, or the Company in respect of the cancellation of the transaction by it as stated, and he will not be entitled to any compensation from the Company in respect of the cancellation. In the event of cancellation of an order by the Company, the purchaser will receive the full amount paid for the product (according to the purchase invoice).

5.5. Without derogating from the aforesaid, if factors and, or events that are not under the control of the Company and, or the Site and, or its operators will delay and, or prevent the provision of the Service and, or the sale and, or delivery of the products and, or their delivery and, full or partial, and in any manner and, or on the dates set, and, or if there are failures in computerization and, or telephone systems and, or any other communication agent in completing the purchase process and, or whether due to hostile actions and, or strike and, or the mobilization of reserves in a great numbers and, or weather damage and, or any other factor within the scope of force majeure will prevent and, or delay and, or impair the process of purchasing, shipping, transporting, supplying and selling products, the Company may declare the purchase shall be wholly or partially canceled or delayed in its supply, and the customer shall have no claim, demand or demand as a result thereof.


6. Customer Service

6.1. For any questions or inquiries regarding the Site, the products sold in it, the operation of the products, instructions for use, etc., please contact Cobby Customer Service using WhatsApp at number 058-4622910 or email:

6.2. All products marketed by Chobby are in good condition and undergo quality control check before the delivery to the customers. If for any reason you have received a defective product from us, please contact us immediately, and we will be happy to assist you.


7. Warranty and service

7.1. The Company may change and, or replace and, or remove, at any time and its sole discretion, the products displayed for sale on the Site.

7.2. The sole responsibility for the quality and the characteristics of the products belongs only to the manufacturers of the products.

7.3. The Company and, or the Site are not responsible for any damage, of any kind, direct or indirect, caused directly or indirectly to the customer who purchased the products and, or to third parties on the use and, or non-use of the Product.

7.4. In any of the events detailed below, the Company will be entitled to cancel the purchase, in whole or in part: an acquisition made on the Site with intent to cause damage and, or damage to the Site and, or the Company and, or any third party, including a purchase made by credit card without the consent its owner, impersonation of a registered user on the Site or the use of usernames and passwords of another person’s on Site.

7.5 In any case, the Company and, or the Site shall not pay any compensation and, or refund bigger than the amount paid by the Customer for the Products ordered by him.

7.6. The Company and, or the Site and, or the operators of the Site are not responsible for any damage caused to the customer and, or to anyone acting on his behalf and, or to any third party as a result of cases not under their control and, or deriving from force majeure.

7.7. The company and, or the Site and, or the operators of the Site are not responsible for any damage caused to the customer and, or anyone on his behalf and, or to any third party caused by misuse of the product and, or product wrong operation, in which case the transaction cannot be canceled or refund.

7.8. The Site allows registered users to upload and post responses, reviews on products, pictures, and other content. The company and, or the Site and, or the operators of the Site are not responsible for any damage caused to the customer and, or the user and, or anyone on his behalf and, or to any third party caused by the contents uploaded to the Site by registered users, including texts, photos, comments etc. The Site may immediately and at any time remove content uploaded by the registered user without the consent of the user and prior notice of any kind.


8. Information Security and Privacy

8.1. The Site and the Company and anyone acting on their behalf may use the information and data provided and uploaded to the Site by the registered customers and users, to give the users and the customers of the Site the best and most effective service. Besides the use of the Site, this personal information will not be used for any other purpose and will not be disclosed or transmitted to a third party.

8.2. The Site and the Company take precautions (including SSL encryption) to protect as much as possible the confidentiality of the information and personal details and means of payment of the purchasers and users on the Site. The purchase through PayPal is also automatically protected by PayPal at the highest and most advanced standards. The details of the credit cards of the purchasers on the Site are not recorded by the Site and, or the Company. In cases that are not under the control of the Company and, or arising out of force majeure, the Site and, or the Company will not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to the customer if such information is lost or used by unauthorized use.

8.3. The Site and the Company undertake not to make use of the information provided to it by the purchasers, except to facilitate the purchase on the sales Site and according to law provisions.

8.4. By registering for the Site and providing personal information to the Site, the user and, or the customer gives his consent to the Site and the Company to use that personal information to provide its customers with better service and to update them about the company’s services. A user or customer who wants to remove its details from Site database must send an email to Chobby Customer Service at email address, and his details will be removed immediately.


9. Intellectual Property

9.1. All intellectual property rights, on the Site and in the contents presented and displayed therein are the sole property of the Site and the Company.

9.2. No information may be copied, reproduced, distributed, published or otherwise used from Site unless prior written consent has been given on behalf of the Site and, or the Company.


10. Jurisdiction

10.1. The law applying to these regulations and, or to any action and, or dispute arising from it is the Israeli law only.

10.2. Any dispute of any kind between the user and, or the purchaser of the Site and the company and, or the Site due to activity and, or issues of any kind and type arising and, or related to the company and, or the Site will be clarified in Israel, in the competent court in Petah Tikvah, that is empowered to judge  it.

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